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Ride of Momentum (2014)

Short and condensed, this work is exploring the search for the moments of momentum that will help us move onwards when we are encountering resistance. Through physical effort and choreographic images, three dancers search for ways to both support each other through space and to let themselves be carried through, always moving, always in process and with constant affinity to the movement of the others.
The ride always co-exists with the awareness of forthcoming collapse. Abstract and other-worldy, and with an original soundscore created for this piece, Ride of Momentum asks if, through support and collectivity, we can find ways of sustaining the flow of our rides through life.    


Performed by:

Irene Ingebretsen

Laura Ganotis

Clementine Telesfort

Performed at:

City of London Festival, 2014

Bonnie Bird Theatre (selected for BA2 Choreography Show), 2014

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