Review of Bedtime Stories at Mile End Pavilion

After a really special evening performing at the exhibition Traditions curated by Art Catcher, we received this beautiful review:

"Natalie Sloth Richter’s piece Bedtime Stories, performed by quartet of female dancers, was presented as part of a speaker’s evening about FGM in a programmed set of events in the Art Pavilion Mile End in February 2017. It was a very gentle and subliminally powerful experience which, in spite of no preparatory discussions with other contributors to the evening, gently responded to the speeches in an almost telepathic and healing way. The music created for the piece was based on 3 generations’ childhood memories and hit a chord with the audience that brought back a gentle and self-caring sense of self to the spectators who were allowed to sit very close to the dance for an individually very personal experience. Void of any sense of pretence, and soft an imaginative in its movements, the piece touched deeply on the human experience." - Katja Rosenberg, Art Catcher ltd.

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