Witty, energetic and forcefully lead by an all-female cast, Spektakel reveals an absorbing world of crooked characters, rivalling relationships, melodrama and intimacy. With an on-going fight for dominance and spotlight, Spektakel comically confronts the audience and invites them to question the relationship between performance and identity, theatre and society. 

While positioning itself as a light-hearted celebration of the imaginative and the playful, Spektakel also places a satirical commentary towards a culture where identities seem increasingly performed, relationships staged and life a theatre of the absurd. 

What is prompting the fight for the spotlight?



Svenja Bühl, Gaia Cicolani, Irene Ingebretsen, Johanna Merceron, Molly Nyeland, Victoria Rucinska 


Residency at Dance4, Nottingham (UK), August 2019


Chisenhale Dance Space, October 2018

Norway Fringe Festival, September 2018

Resolution (UK), January 2018.


*ACE funded Autumn Tour 2020 TBC

Resolution reviews from Graham Watts and Chloe Fordham available to read on:



"... a comedic, playful and quirky performance... left the entire audience smiling" Chloe Fordham

"... Richter's imagery was ever-absorbing" Graham Watts


Audience feedback:

"A witty triumph"


"Thank you Natalie Sloth Richter and your team who in SPEKTAKEL reminded us of the joy, liberation and fickleness of play in your wonderful collection of characters, expression and movement"

"Loved the energy, play and movement and the changing nature of the experience"

© 2019 by Natalie Sloth Richter

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