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Listening Bodies & Mystical Measures (2015) 

A durational improvisation rooted in the idea of the preverbal, physical negotiation between moving bodies. As an investigation into perception of movement, the audience is lead into an immersive and dreamy world where the dancers aim to offer a sensorial and kinaesthetic experience, ultimately involving the audience in the ongoing creation of the choreographical landscape. 

"Listening Bodies & Mystical Measures was a truly mesmerising performance!  The performance started in an other worldly atmosphere where the dancers appeared like mystical messengers or shermans, with their beautiful body movements.  I was quickly drawn into the world when the dancers started interacting with the audience, subtly touching people's arms, legs, hair...  and found myself moving along with one of the dancers who approached me.  It was a very special and intense moment, the body seemed to just guide itself to move in response to the dancer, it was a beautiful and condensed non-verbal communication where a touch or a lift or a temperature meant something in an inexplicable way.”

- Hiroko Nakajima, audience member at Apiary Studios

"It was like a gift, so poetic" - audience member at St. Augustine's Clock Tower


Performed at:

St. Augustine's Clocktower, London, May 2017
Of Improvisation, pop-up exhibition curated by Alice Bednarova, Apiary Studios, London, UK, 2015
Abeerance, London, UK

Degree Show at Trinity Laban, London, UK, 2015

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