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Reviews & Audience Reponses

Dance Art Journal, Maxine Flasher-Düzgunes

“Spektakel proved itself as a dance of anytime, its dancers like sweet jesters who lived timelessly and forevermore”

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Seeing Dance, David Mead

“Spektakel is the sort of mad piece that most choreographers probably have in their heads but that few dare to put out there. It’s genius, a dance that will live in the memory for a long time.”

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RESOLUTION BLOG, Graham Watts & Chloe Fordham

"... a comedic, playful and quirky performance... left the entire audience smiling" Chloe Fordham

"... Richter's imagery was ever-absorbing" Graham Watts

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About Spektakel:

"Heartfelt and intimate, totally captivating” 


"It has everything dance is about. Energy, emotions, technique, story, contact and connection with the audience"


"Beautifully alive, endearing, dramatic and extremely funny and sensitive. Very strong."


“Extremely clever, brilliantly staged and performed! Can’t wait to see it again.”


“Moving and hilarious.” 

"A witty triumph"

"Thank you Natalie Sloth Richter and your team who in SPEKTAKEL reminded us of the joy, liberation and fickleness of play in your wonderful collection of characters, expression and movement"

About Bedtime Stories:

"A gentle and subliminally powerful experience ... Void of any sense of pretence, and soft and imaginative in its movements, the piece touched deeply on the human experience"  

About Listening Bodies & Mystical Measures:

"Listening Bodies & Mystical Measures was a truly mesmerising performance!  The performance started in an other worldly atmosphere where the dancers appeared like mystical messengers or shermans, with their beautiful body movements.  I was quickly drawn into the world when the dancers started interacting with the audience, subtly touching people's arms, legs, hair...  and found myself moving along with one of the dancers who approached me.  It was a very special and intense moment, the body seemed to just guide itself to move in response to the dancer, it was a beautiful and condensed non-verbal communication where a touch or a lift or a temperature meant something in an inexplicable way.” 

"It was like a gift, so poetic"

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